Guess who's back, back again...

It feels like forever since I've posted, and I suppose it has been several months.  But hopefully that will change, now that I once again have a working, or at least mostly working, computer, hooray! 


Though I've been able to get online with my phone, I hated trying to do anything more than list books I was reading, trying to post was just awful. 


My reading seems to have taken a back seat this year, I'm many books behind where I wished to be, but I have Uni (and to an extent life in general) to thank for that. Now that I'm a third of the way into my second semester I'm hoping that things are settled enough that I can catch up on all the books I intended to have read by now.


I'm hoping to get some time to catch up on review writing too, since I have a multitude of books that are missing reviews, but those will take a while and will be second to the numerous essays, assignments and exams I have to complete over the next few months.