Santa Is Coming To Bendigo

Santa Is Coming To Bendigo - Steve Smallman This is VERY gimmicky. Every Aussie knows Santa switches out his reindeer for 6 white boomers when he hits Aus, the reindeer can't handle the Summer heat, this very same heat which would have meant no thick foggy night to deal with, and any cloud cover would have most likely mean thunder storms. Also he takes a round about path around Aus to deliver presents (did the Author even look at a map?), coming to Bendigo from Perth on the other side of the country and 2 time zones behind us (oh yes, Australia is much larger than you think).

The images are cute, but again, nothing like Bendigo, our quaint old mining town (technically a city, but more like a large country town) with poppet heads, elaborate fountain, trams and gold rush era grand architecture.

All that said, my kids still enjoy it, and I enjoyed my 9yo reading it to me earlier.
2 stars.