That's what I'm telling myself.

Wool: The Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) - Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Hugh Howey, Jimmy Broxton Spider-Gwen #1 Marvel Comics 2015 - Jason Latour Star Wars Princess Leia #1 (First Printing; Marvel 2015) - Mark Waid, Kieron Gillen Thor #1 - Russell Dauterman, Jason Aaron

While I didn't technically buy books today, I did pick up a few digital comics for my girls and I to peruse.  But since they're a) comics and b) digital, they don't really count towards my self imposed book buying ban, right? Right?  Ah well, at least I don't have to rearrange my physical book cases to fit these in.


Since I'd been reading the Graphic Novel version of the Hobbit the last few days, I'd been inspired to find some other adaptations to read... and by inspired, I mean I was procrastinating typing up a lab report that's due next week.  

So I did my usual, check out what free comics Comixology has, and after downloading those noticed a couple of sales they were having. I picked up Wool: The Graphic Novel, an adaptation of Hugh Howey's books of the same name.  Not that I've read the Wool yet, it's been recommended to me numerous times and I really enjoyed Sand last year, so I thought the graphic version might be a good choice for study breaks.

Since I'm always on the look out for ways to encourage my middle daughter to read, and comics are one of the few ways that seems to draw her in, I picked up some of the Marvel discounted comics too, especially since they all featured female leads.


I'm quite looking forward to reading the first issue of Thor 2014, which caused a stir by making the god of thunder a woman. I also picked up a couple of Spider variants: Gwen #1 (2015) and Woman #1 (2014), She Hulk #1 (2014) and the one I think will be the biggest hit, Princess Leia #1 (2015).


They also had the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (2015), Ms Marvel #1 (2014), Black Widow #1 (2014) and Captain Marvel #1 (2014), all of which we had already. I've only read the first 2 so far, and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a good "girl power" read.


Now to stop myself from reading them before I get this report done.  It's going to be hard.