Nimona - Noelle Stevenson

Nimona -  Noelle Stevenson

When I first heard that Nimona was being released I was excited, even though I had not read it in its web-comic form.  I had previously read Stevenson's Lumberjanes series and enjoyed her style and humour.  Given my love of Lumberjanes, I had high expectations for this, I was not disappointed. I loved it!


I'm always for stories with a strong female protagonist, but this was even better! Nimona has no love interest, meaning she's not some love sick puppy. Nimona doesn't conform to the traditional conventions of beauty. She's not tall, nor slim, nor does she have an abundance of luscious locks. She's strong willed, intelligent, and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. Even when Blackheart tries to get her to stick to the plan, she follows her own path.


I love that Blitzmeyer is so wrapped up in her work she doesn't have time for anything but tea and science. I love that the director of the institute is a woman who shows no mercy.


Goldenlion, the hero who wasn't pure, angelic and perfect. Blackheart, the villian who didn't want to kill anyone, whose intentions were ultimately good. I enjoyed the bromance between the two. Each never wanting to harm the other, never wanting to be rid of their nemesis.


The story line was well written and coherent, clever and clean. One I'm encouraging my girls to read, even if they're sick of me telling them they should read this or that.


I gave Nimona 5 stars.