Reduced Reading Time

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  - J.K. Rowling Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, Rex Gibson, Richard Andrews
— feeling sure

Feeling a little sad of late.  Started back at Uni a few weeks back, and it's cutting into my reading time a bit more than I expected... The sacrifices we make!


Thankfully I haven't had to stop reading non syllabus stuff all together, it's just taking longer to get through things.  Just over a month until term break, then I'll have to get stuck in and do nothing but read for the entire time.


In the mean time, I've picked up some audio books to fill the void...  Right now it's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with my children during dinner (I'm one of those weird parents who doesn't do tv), Hamlet when I'm running through my mathematics homework and the books on my currently reading shelf in the 20 minutes, or more, between going to bed and falling asleep.


Hopefully with this routine, I can get my reading challenges completed!