Vreeland - Gabriel Strump I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.

Very cute! This is the story of 17yo Anton, a teen who just doesn't quite fit in. Preferring books and music over sport, and keeping his hair longish to cover his elf like ears, Anton was always the target for bullies.

After one such bullying incident at Summer camp, Anton finds himself in a strange place, Vreeland, surrounded by 5 beautiful girls, each with a tiny waist, pointed ears, dainty wings and incredible beauty...

Journeying through Vreeland, Anton meets all sorts of strange and wonderful Vrees, various other creatures, and some not so wonderful Weets.

This book is beautifully written, easy to read, even with the odd Vreeland spelling/pronunciation (it's pretty easy to follow along with once you figure it out). The story itself is relaxed, while still captivating and entertaining. The images and detail to the formatting of various parts was cute and enjoyable.

I had 2 small 'problems' with the book... One, I found it quite predictable, from very early on I guessed the location of Vreeland, and secondly, Anton's lack of concern for finding his parents and returning home. Given that the target audience is tween/teen, neither of these things would have crossed their minds (for the most part). Nor do these 'problems' detract from the story in any way. For these reasons I have not removed stars from my review.

This is one I'll be encouraging my 11yo reluctant reader to pick up, I think it's a story she'll enjoy as much as I did, and can definitely see my 9yo and 17yo book worms devouring this very quickly.

Well done Mr Strump, great work, and thank you for the opportunity to read your book.