Heart: A Romantic Short Story Collection

Heart: A Romantic Short Story Collection - Rose Fall A quick, light read. Enjoyable for the most part, even if it's not my usual genre.

As someone who has had her heart broken once too many, a pessimist when it comes to love and relationships, I found some of these stories were very relatable. The optimistic whim of a teenage girl exploring life, the distraught accusations of a woman who loved and lost, the rekindling of a flame, if even for one night only... All experiences I've had in my own way.

Some of the stories were told quite well, others just seemed rushed and incomplete... Like someone just spewed their thoughts onto paper and didn't take a second glance.

I loved the idea of the playlist for each story. It was nice to hear the author's thoughts and feelings through a secondary medium. It added something to the story telling.

My favourite of the stories was the first, European Boy, it reminded me of a time when I too was carefree filled with innocent wonder at the world. A time when I wanted the world to stand still so I could live in the moment.

I enjoyed the excerpt of Fall's soon to be released novel, How to Get Your Heart Broken. For me this one seemed to have the most care and though put into it, I look forward to picking up a copy when it's released later this year.